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Oilfield and Mobile Units


JC Inspections shops have the ability to complete inspections to keep your equipment regulation compliant.

Valve Inspections

Valve Inspections

Our Level II certified technicians are trained in Visuals (VT), Ultrasonic Wall Thickness (UT), Hydrostatic Pressure Test (PT) Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI). JC Inspections and Valve Services specialize in ANSI & API Valve Service and Maintenance on all valves commonly used in the Canadian oil field.

On Site Mobile Testing Services

JC inspections and Valve Service have built mobile hydrotesting units with full capability of, data logging electronics, ID tag engraving system, HP Greasing capabilities and mobile pump with capabilities of 20,000 PSI.

Cert Tracking Client Portal

All Equipment that is inspected through JC Inspections is recorded and stored online through a personal client database website specific to each customer. This allows our clients access 24/7 to their iron, hose, and valve inspections. 

JC Inspections processes ensure a customer’s High Pressure Iron equipment is free of damages, defects, or excessive wear that would render the equipment out of manufacture compliance and unsafe for use under high pressure application.

JC Inspections specializes in the repair service and rental of Gate Valves/Well Head Valves keeping your site safe.

ESD Valves

ESD valves are used to isolate the facilities  and wellheads in emergency situations. An ESD (emergency shutdown) valve is a valve fitted with a spring return actuator, allowing the valve to be closed by the actuator spring when the actuator pressure signal is released.

Gate Valves / Well Head Valves

JC Inspections repair, service gate valves within  API 6A specification and are fully mobile and  able to service and function valves in the field.

Manifolds and Debris Catchers

Wether you need a post job inspection, pre-job grease, rental or replacement parts JC inspections carries a wide range or parts for all major brands. Also ur mobile trucks are able to come right to site to complete servicing in-between wells to keep your equipment moving.

Flow line  Plug Valves and NDT

Leaking plug valve? Flowing lots of sand? Pump head not leaking. Not to worry JC inspections has you covered. Shops in Grande Prairie and Red Deer as well as mobile units we can service Flowline and valves anywhere. Short on time JC Inspections also has pipe skids available to rent to help take on that extra project or keep your package whole during inspections.

Valve Repair and Inspection
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